Import Services

Import Services

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We have it!

Innovative concepts

You do it!

Fast2Market was founded end of 2010 and has since then reinvented itself continuously into where we are today: a healthy small company capable of doing great things!

We import for you, that’s the most easy way to explain it!

We import for you, when you don’t have the experience, time or resources for it.. We have contact with many factories and we know how to deal with them. We also know how to do our research and in this way you can get what you need.


  • It’s fast: production times around 20 days, shipping time 28 days
  • It’s cheaper, because we import directly from the factories
  • It’s top quality, we check all the production phases
  • It’s customized, exactly how you need or want it 

Which services do you need?

  • Research factories and suppliers in Asia
  • Sample services by air or sea
  • Factory visits | you can join and it’s fun!
  • Quality check services | external or we do it ourselves
  • Buy in two phases, Pay in two phases
  • Payment services | we do the actual payments
  • Safe & Secure: Shipping Insurance while in transport
  • Warranty and Maintenance

We split our business activities into a few business groups:

Tiles and Garden

Import and dealership from marble stones and ceramics.
We are an official dealer from Michel Oprey & Beisterveld, one of the leading companies in marble and ceramics in The Netherlands. Import from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam
Check the website here:

F2M | Import Services

F2M Import Services. We have the experience, connections and resources that we can help you with. You need something, we will get it!
Check the website here:

Italians roast coffee like no one else in the world, that’s it! We love this coffee, our clients love this coffee, just try it, prices are very reasonable.
Check the website here:

Italian Direct Import | Fresh Coffee beans