We were there, everyone tasted our coffee for free as we believe that it’s the best way to try and experience it. Next to our coffee we had the unique experience of Italian crema caffe (very creamy Italiaanse ijskoffie) and Ginseng, a new Taste Experience for many! They loved it!



The home barista espresso machines brings real espresso based coffees to the homes. Enjoy daily your espresso, doppio, cappucino, macchiato etc within 15 minutes. We give our clients always a few tips: get a good grinder which can hold the handles from the espresso machine, like you see in the bars en restaurants. This is the start of a great coffee. Then in the morning: put on your espresso machine to warm up, take your shower and get dressed and your machine is ready for you! Remember, a good heated espresso machine makes the most tasteful espresso coffee.


The coffee from Tostini is just amazing. Max and Desiree Tostini are brother and sister, who have a great passion for coffee like many Italians do, it’s a culture like nowhere else. We bring a part of this coffee culture to The Netherlands and it’s not necessarily as strong as it Italy. When you are looking for great taste and amazing creme layer, just buy a set of Tostini Try & Taste. You will get 3 different bags of 1 kg each and you will surely love their coffee. We are the importer for The Netherlands. We also deliver in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. Click on the banner above to go to the webshop.


The coffee from Oropuro is also very Italian, which means great long lasting taste, very nice creme layer and once you have tried it you will love it. Also for Oropuro Caffe we have a Try & Taste set of 3 different coffee bags of 1kg each. Click on the banner above to go to the webshop.

Below you can scan or click on the qr-codes to go directly to the websites.

go to the website from Egro Qube, from our partners Rancilio in Italy
go to the webshop from Tostini in The Netherlands
go to the webshop from Oropuro in The Netherlands

EGRO-QUBE: ideal affordable coffeebeans solution for offices

The Egro-Qube is available in 4-8 different versions:

  1. no milk, only espresso based coffees and optional with chocolate powder or even ginseng powder
  2. milk and one/two grinders
  3. pro-milk and one /two grinders
  4. any of the above with one/two powder units, such as chocolate powder or even ginseng powder

our business activities

  1. import direct from factory and producer
  2. distribution through cooperating with dealers and resellers, please contact us if you are interested
  3. exhibit the products at exhibitions, small events, market places etc

our products from Italy

  1. coffee beans
  2. espresso machines for the b2b market such as restaurants, cafe’s
  3. full automatic office coffee machines. We have many years of experience and know which machines make the coffee that fit with your employees.
  4. home barista espresso machines. this is not the next level, this is the best level of coffee taste at your own home

our services

  1. most important is that your coffee machine is working and getting the service to keep working every day
  2. we create good personal direct contact with the operational people, so they know what to do and we know what to do
  3. we make good agreements for both parties and we are very flexible. Because when you buy something from us, then our relationship starts and not ends

We have many contacts in the coffee industry and beyond. Because we love the coffee industry and its variety and diversity in businesses and people, we just like to participate and make a difference in good taste, quality and most important great personal service. Our goal is to grow in the coffee industry and grow with our business partners. If you want to grow with us and you want to become a business partner, please let us know here


There are many people who just love coffee and coffee is a very sociable product, maybe even lifestyle. Do you like drinking coffee with your friends, collegues or even strangers? Then maybe this is perfect for you: work with us and be part of our joint success immediately!

Just to be clear: we don’t hire people, so we will not be your employer. We just like to join forces and share success. The easiest way is to start selling the easiest products: coffee beans. when you have something that others don’t, it gives you a real chance to bring something new to your friends and to other people you get into contact with and start selling!

No investment needed. this sounds to good to be true, but it actually isn’t. Because when you are serious, you can start so to speak tomorrow and sell the coffee beans. In the beginning we can ship it for you. But if you think, ah I dare to invest a little in a startpack of coffee (12 kg) then your off to a good start and you can work as smart as you like. When you become successful, you will order more coffee and then the prices will go down. Let’s talk, or better: let’s have that coffee together soon!

Fill in the form, click here or click on the banner above and let’s do it!